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Kaya belly dancer


Creative Artist

Kaya is a creative artist whose passion and imagination play a starring role in all of her work.  For the last several years she has taken a break from the international belly dance scene to focus on creating a pathway for lovers and women to find deeper connections to themselves and others through developing sensually inspired recipes and poetry that tell delicious tales of love and passion.  Utilizing all of the senses that help us feel more profoundly, Kaya hopes to ignite a burning desire in those around her to seek to be love and be loved.  Her background in psychology coupled with her travels around the globe inspired her to develop a multitude of new ways to create and showcase her artistry and her intense interest in spreading love, turning the kitchen and pen into her latest stages.  She approaches the culinary and literary arts with the same uninhibited desire she is recognized for in dance.

Her current works in progress are broadening her ability to reach and empower women and lovers, she hopes to accomplish the same through her burgeoning boudoir photography.  In addition to spending time in front of the camera, she is now fine tuning her skills behind the camera, photographing all of the beautiful women, men, and decadent food for her upcoming coffee table book, which will feature her all original recipes, poetry, and photography, as well as showcasing her in one of her first loves, modeling.  Her new works will offer a much more intimate side of her thoughts and creativity than she has previously shared publicly.  Her upcoming projects, including a new website, will also feature the unparalleled talents of one of her most treasured mentors in life, Cherie Steinberg, a world class photographer and woman.  Reconnecting and working with Cherie has felt like a wandering soul in search of a kindred spirit whose path has led her back home to the open arms of a lost love.  Cherie’s work is simply extraordinary, and to have this majestic woman be her mentor in life and photography has been like living a dream.  Cherie was one of the first women to inspire Kaya to share the lessons of womanhood with others through mentoring, and Kaya always hopes to positively affect the lives of other women in much the same way Cherie has affected hers.  She has also been mentoring her in photography, and in early 2018, Kaya will be offering boudoir sessions bringing her modeling and movement expertise, along with her playful costuming and accessories into providing one of the most exciting and sexiest ways for you to tap into your inner diva.  Kaya has spent her entire career creating innovative ways to make women feel their absolute best, and this experience will take that to a whole new level.  Check back for more to come on that, including testimonials in a few months.

With love and gratitude for the abundance of support given to her throughout her life and career, she feels blessed to be called to the role of uplifting other women.  Get ready for playtime ladies-it’s our time to shine!  Be love and Be loved!

Kaya will also be teaching a fun belly dance workshop in late January 2018 in Denver-she can’t wait to reconnect with her students and the dance community!  Check back for details soon

Kaya’s professional background includes her first publicly performed poem “Are You Still Awake” being preserved in The Library of Congress representing 1001 Poets for Change in 2015.  She enjoys a successful career as an international belly dance performer, choreographer, instructor, and costume designer, including being featured on America’s Got Talent in the live rounds, several instructional DVDs, musical theater productions, video work, and having her designs and herself featured on numerous CDs.  She has also enjoyed a fruitful career with modeling and film work, including magazine covers, international runway work, national campaigns, and independent film and tv work.  She graduated summa cum laude, with a B.A. in psychology and is a certified life coach; both have provided an excellent foundation and training for her ongoing work empowering women.  Kaya is also an exceptional public speaker, having been trained at an early age, she enjoys teaching and speaking at public venues.