Here’s what people are saying about Kaya:

Kaya was my personal belly dance trainer and mentor for about 2 years.  During that time, she was able to transform my belly dancing from a mere “ok” to a level of “Wow!”  Her superb attention to details, technical breakdown of complex moves, and overall excellent teaching skills helped unleash abilities that I never knew existed.  Her cheerful and positive attitude made each lesson fun and memorable.  Her stellar choreography background helped raise the level of my own choreography to a level higher than ever before.   If you are thinking about making a life-transforming difference in your belly dancing skills, I highly recommend Kaya — she is truly a Star.

Stephanie Smith

Author of The Berlin Affair, The Belly Dancer's Companion, and Better Bodies Through Belly Dance

I remember very clearly the day I met Kaya many years ago. While initially drawn in by her skill as a performer and her popularity in the dance community, it was the immediate impact of her open and loving character that will stay with me forever. I don’t think I finished closing my mouth after saying, “nice to meet you,” before I was welcomed with a giant smile and swept into a hug. When we met again in her weekly dance class, I was again greeted by a wonderfully positive and energizing woman and from that day forward, I have been blessed with a teacher, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend. Each private dance lesson was expertly tailored to progress my personal dance skills. Every awe inspiring performance drew me in with her advanced technical skills and her clear passion for the stage. Kaya’s charisma is unmatched and her talents are limitless. I have grown into the woman I am today with Kaya’s support and motivation to follow my dreams, embrace change, and never accept limits. Kaya is a true inspiration and allows every person she meets the chance to stand on her pedestal and embrace the absolute best version of themselves!

Carrie Keyes

Fierce Bodybuilder

I have been studying belly dance for almost 14 years and performing for about 10 years,  and Kaya is one of the few instructors I still depend on for continued education and development.  Having been in the fitness industry for many years, I love physically demanding and strong technique based training and a class with Kaya always delivers.  Not only will she squeeze every bit of technical excellence out of you, she also makes you feel as though you are being taught one on one, even when there may be 20-40 plus students, she pays attention to EVERY student and corrects and praises EVERY student.

Not only is Kaya a phenomenal instructor, she backs it up on stage too.  She is never one to disappoint, her poise and elegance on stage is what most of us wish for.  Add that to her technique and passion and Kaya’s presence is a force you will never forget, nor will you want to.

Eric Salazar


Kaya embodies the powerful, sacred, and sensual aspects of femininity and shares this brilliance with all those around her. In the five years I’ve known her, she has been an extremely supportive and encouraging mentor, teacher, and dear friend. She truly puts her heart and soul into her art, and this is apparent whether she is teaching an intricate, well put-together lesson or mesmerizing an audience with a wild and inspiring stage performance. Kaya is a rare and beautiful gift, and has been a constant inspiration to me both as a dancer and as a loving, fabulous human being!


Kerry Manley

Professional Diva